Hi, I am Haimantika👋

I am currently a Developer Advocate at Hashnode and have previously worked at Appwrite and Microsoft.

My forté lies in frontend development, technical writing, and community building.

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I share developer centric content in the form of: blog posts, podcasts, tweets, conference talks, and workshops. It mostly revolves around web development, AI, writing and community building. You can find some of my talks here.

Want to know more? Go to your terminal and type `npx hello-haimantika`

GitHub Roast

It is a fun side project built to roast your GitHub profile. Made using GitHub API, OpenAI API, HTML, CSS and Node.js.

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GuideMaster helps you generate contributing guide for your open source projects. Built using: OpenAI API, JavaScript, TailwindCSS, and HTML.

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Introduction npm package

Go to your terminal and type `npx hello-haimantika`. This is an npm package that helps you build a package for yourself that you can use to introduce yourself in a cool way.

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Lang buddy

Lang buddy is an application that helps your translate English to French, Spanish and Hindi currently. With more features coming soon. Built using: HTML, TailwindCSS, and Azure AI.

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GitHub Action for training ML models

The GitHub action "random" automates your Machine Learning model training, with the help of `autofeat` python package. This GitHub action makes use of `AutoFeatClassifier()` to build to the classification model.

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GitHub stats tool

This application show top 10 open-source projects with the most number of stars and forks.It has been built using OpenSauced APIs, TailwindCSS and JavaScript.

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